Meditation: The Key to Overall Wellness

By Swami Paramananda.

Published by The International Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Society

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Genuine good health means to have a sane mind and heart in a body free from illnesses and diseases. But far from having a sane heart and mind, we carry within us countless impressions, suppression, desires and negative traits such as greed, anger, lust, hatred and jealousy. Above all, we are cut off from nature and this contributes to the development of a schizophrenic mind ultimately resulting to all health problems.

The science of meditation offers various techniques, methods and therapies to help us transform our base nature and attain mental and emotional purity. Various studies have shown that meditation techniques, including those based on breathing, help in healing as blood pressure is lowered, mind is calmed and positive traits like willpower and self-confidence are boosted. By practising dynamic methods we can eliminate stress, anxiety and depression and enjoy liveliness and deep relaxation.

This paper investigates how through the regular practice of some meditation techniques, powerful vibrations are generated within us and these may eliminate some diseases and illnesses. However, being a divine science aiming at experiencing the soul, meditation is not a means to cure illnesses. If one gets cured by meditation, it is only as by-product.

Keywords: Meditation, Health, Mind, Spirituality, Cure, Ailments, Disease, Good Health, Mental Health, Physical Health, Spiritual Health, Emotional Health, Well Being, Wellness, Meditation Techniques, Wheel of Wellness, Breathing Techniques

The International Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Society, Volume 5, Issue 4, pp.109-123. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Published online: October 2, 2015 (Article: Electronic (PDF File; 792.476KB)).

His Holiness Swami Paramananda

Spiritual Master, Satyam Gyanam Anandam Society United Kingdom (SGAS UK), Mauritius